Best DD-WRT Routers – Buyers Guide & Reviews July 2024

The best DD-WRT routers are expert-level devices for connectivity. With technology that's based on open-source Linux but offering enhanced levels of security, DD-WRT provides an almost unimaginable degree of flexibility and customised connectivity. Our team prepared this buyers guide, complete with reviews of the best DD-WRT routers of 2022.

Some of the most amazing innovations in internet connectivity over the past few years have been in the areas of the best wireless routers and other internet hubs. For sheer speed and efficiency, the best DD-WRT routers are typical of the improvements.
The strength of DD-WRT is that it started out not as a router per-se, but an open source firmware devised to upgrade existing routers to ensure connections of the highest speed and guarantee the utmost in web security. And the latest and best DD-WRT routers offer speeds, security and flexibility like nothing you would have even imagined five years ago!

Best DD-WRT Routers of 2022

So if you are searching for the best DD-WRT routers of 2022, or if you want to upgrade an existing router that’s on your home or workplace network, then read on for our reviews of the best technology currently available.

ProductCheck Price
ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300Check Price >
GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel RouterCheck Price >
Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600Check Price >
Linksys WRT AC3200 Open SourceCheck Price >
TRENDnet AC1900Check Price >
Linksys AC5400Check Price >


1. Best DD-WRT Router – ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300

Image Source: Amazon

The AC5300 from Asus has dual 5GHz and a single 2.4GHz band and can reach a maximum speed of 5334Mbps and a maximum coverage of 5,000 square feet. The router features MU-MIMO and beamforming technology which allows a signal to be directed at higher speeds to specific device. This makes it so that there is little to no interference between devices. The router has a four-transmit, four-receive antenna which amplifies the signal to spots that may have been dead before.

Asus ROG AC5300 – PROSAsus ROG AC5300 – CONS
Max speed of 5334Mbps. Expensive.
MU-MIMO and Beamforming technologies. Overkill for most homes.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 3,024
Average Customer Review Rating: 3.7 out of 5 Stars

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2. Best Budget DD-WRT Router – GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router

Image Source: Amazon

This mini tavel router from GL.iNet is one of the cheapest routers out there. The device features DD-WRT is pre-installed and 16GB of storage. The GL.iNet GL-MT300N can takes a wired connection and turn it into a wireless one. It can be charged by a laptop, a power bank or a wall socket to make sure you can access the internet wherever you go.

GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router – PROSGL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router – CONS
Small size. 16GB storage.
Slightly complicated setup. Known to overheat.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 219
Average Customer Review Rating: 3.8 out of 5 Stars

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3. Best DD-WRT Router for Backup – Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600

Image Source: Amazon

NETGEAR’s R7800-100NAS Nighthawk X4S has 4K video streaming capabilities, MU-MIMO technology and network speeds up to 2.53Gbps. It features a 1.7 GHz processor and 4 high-performance external antennas. Setup is simple and can be done from and smartphone, tablet or PC.

Netgear R7800-100NAS Nighthawk X4S – PROSNetgear R7800-100NAS Nighthawk X4S – CONS
Easy setup. Outdated admin software.
4K streaming capabilities. 2.4GHz band can be slow at times.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 2,032
Average Customer Review Rating: 4.2 out of 5 Stars

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4. Best DD-WRT Router for Mobile Apps – Linksys WRT AC3200 Open Source


Image Source: Amazon

The WRT3200ACM from Linksys features MU-MIMO technology which allows for fast internet speeds across many devices simultaneously. The Tri-Stream 160 technology doubles the bandwidth on the 5GHz band and pushes the speed up to a crazy 2.6Gbps. The router is open source which means that the it has to option to create a hotspot, set up a VPN or turn the router into a web server..

Linksys WRT AC3200 – PROSLinksys WRT AC3200 – CONS
Open Source. Expensive for what it offers.
2.6 Gbps. Coverage can be spotty.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,535
Average Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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5. Most Sustainable DD-WRT Router – TRENDnet AC1900


Image Source: Amazon

TRENDnet’s AC1900 can reach speeds of up to 1.3Gbps over 802.11ac and 600Mbps over 802.11n. The device features a USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 port to allow for external storage. The router also has Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back. You are given the ability to set up a secure network or a guest network to keep people away from any sensitive files you may have stored on your personal network. The router also has the option of parental controls by blocking certain websites over your network.

Gigabit Ethernet ports. Lower speeds due to antenna-less design.
GREENnet technology reduces power consumption by 50 percent. Limited range.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 1,459
Average Customer Review Rating: 3.6 out of 5 Stars

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6. Most Customisable DD-WRT Router – Linksys AC5400


Image Source: Amazon

The Linksys AC5400 is integrated out of the box to work with Amazon’s Alexa voice commands. The router features eight-gigabit ports for up to 10x faster speed. The 1.4GHz dual-core processor keeps the router working efficiently until up to as many as 12 devices are connected. The 2.4GHz band can reach up to 1,000Mbps Performance on the 2.4Ghz band can reach up to 1,000 Mbps which will allow for increased speeds on older wireless N and G devices. The 5GHz band on this device can reach a huge 4,332 Mbps.

Linksys AC5400 Max Stream EA9500 – PROSLinksys AC5400 Max Stream EA9500 – CONS
MU-MIMO technology. Expensive.
Alexa integration. Large footprint.

Amazon Customer Reviews: 9,804
Average Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

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best dd-wrt routers

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